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Margaux is committed to the community it works in, the environment it operates in and the workers it employs.

Community Engagement

Margaux’s position and engagement in the community of Salmo and surrounding Kootenay areas is key to the success of the company. Our current and future relationships built in this community allow for a continuous dialogue and engagement that foster a positive close working relationship. Margaux is committed to being an active and effective community partner, and to making a positive contribution to the community.

Environment and Sustainability

It is Margaux’s policy and vision to operate in a manner where the highest standards of environmental care are taken to reduce the potentially adverse impacts of our activities. Margaux’s approach to environmental management and sustainability is to seek continuous improvement in the way we do business, wherever possible, to work to better our environment and to actively monitor, mitigate and minimize our impact.


Margaux is committed to excellence in the management of health and safety, and considers this a key driver in achieving a productive and profitable business that contributes to sustainable development for present and future generations. Margaux’s leadership-driven Zero Accident Culture strives to ensure the health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors in the workplace.

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